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Batu Cincin Ruby

Batu Cincin Ruby ukuran batu 11x9mm
Harga Rp575.000 belum termasuk ongkos kirim


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Guci Keramik Cina

Tinggi 63cm diameter 36cm

Harga IDR 1.100.000 belum termasuk ongkos kirim

Lukisan Bali Tua Karya A. Rai / Old Balinese Painting

Lukisan Bali tradisional ukuran 64 x 43 cm
Umur lukisan diperkirakan lebih dari 40 tahun
"Tari Barong"  Tandatangan pelukis tertera di kiri bawah.... A. Rai

Sold to Mr B. Malang

Lukisan Cina / Chinese Painting - Harimau

Lukisan Harimau yang melambangkan kekuatan dan keberanian. Cocok untuk pebisnis.Layak dikoleksi sangat bagus detailnya. 

Throughout Chinese history, the tiger has incited a sense of both awe and admiration: its prowess, its ferocity, its beauty, and the harmony of the opposites. The tiger is full of life and embodies the spirit and drive to achieve and make progress.The tiger has been common in the southern and northeastern China, and is revered by the Chinese as a creature with many symbolic attributes. Each direction of the compass is traditionally believed to be ruled by a mythical creature; the White Tiger is the ruler of the West. The tiger is also associated with autumn, when it comes down from the mountains into villages, and is personified by the constellationOrion, which is prominent in autumn. In Chinese astrology, the star Alpha of the Great Bear constellation gave birth to the first tiger. The tiger represents the masculine principle in nature and is king of all the animals…